Akwaaba Ohemaa| Welcome to Ashanti Swimwear Queens!

We are so thankful to share our journey with you! We are Ashanti Swimwear, a Ghanaian family owned business.

For many years 23 year old Yasmeen (the youngest member of the family), saw African print swimsuits on runway shows, catwalks and magazines. She noticed that these swimsuits were never accessible or ready to purchase immediately. Yasmeen desperately wanted her own unique kente swimsuits to wear while on vacation as she loves to travel. This became an obsession, which eventually inspired her to create her own collection of Kente and African print Swimsuits for other women like herself.

In her final year of University along side working on her first start-up, she began to sell swimwear and body jewellery on Depop and on Ebay to raise funds for her backpacking trip to South East Asia. She had identified that there was definitely a demand for swimwear that she could pursue in the future. When she returned to London her love for travel led her to create the travel blog ‘She Travels Luxe’ which attracted a strong community of women around the world interested in adventurous luxury travel with purpose and luxury travel fashion.

27 year old Dexter who is a serial entrepreneur and creative encouraged his sister Yasmeen to pursue this huge idea 'Ashanti Swimwear'. The two siblings born in London and raised in both London and Accra, Ghana went into business together to create something unique and excellent by bringing the true, authentic meaning of traditional African culture to the luxury swimwear industry.


Meet Our Team 


Accounting & Marketing

Dexter the founder of ‘The Shape Guide’, the African dance platform ‘Chop Daily’ and Stock Trader, manages everything related to accounting, finance and marketing.

 Social Media & Creative Design 

Yasmeen the founder of the blog 'She Travels Luxe' designed the ‘Kente Queen Collection’ and 'Ntoma/Ankara Collection' from her bedroom in London. Her inspiration for this collection came from living in Ghana for 6 years and often travelling back to visit family. She worked very closely with the Ghanaian pattern cutter and designer Anita Atuobi (her cousin) and a well established manufacturing company.

Yasmeen also creates social media content, campaigns and coordinates photo-shoots.

The History of Kente

Our company name ‘Ashanti Swimwear’ originates from the Ashanti region of Ghana formerly known as The Gold Coast due to the land being rich in gold and resources. The early Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana was the center of trade in Ghana with the rest of the world. 

The entrepreneurial spirit of this Kingdom birthed the Kente woven cloth, rich in colour and meaning, quality fabric and a unique style of weaving like no other African cloth. Kente has survived and is still the most sacred cloth of Ghana and West Africa.

Traditionally every new Kente cloth pattern was taken to the Royal Palace for approval from the Asante Ohene (King) & Ohemaa (Queen) .  They would then decide to either keep this kente or allow it to be sold to the people of the kingdom and other surrounding regions.

Within Ghanaian culture kente was usually kept aside for very special occasions such as weddings, funerals and celebrations but over the years kente has become widely used as the national cloth of Ghana and in other African countries.

We created ‘Ashanti Swimwear’ to share our beautiful royal culture with men & women from around the world and remind you that we are all Kings & Queens.

 *All our designs are limited edition after all you are Royalty*

Our promise: To execute absolute excellence!

Much love & long life as always,

Dexter & Yasmeen

Ashanti Swimwear